Bolzano V AOE

March 13th - 17th 2025

On Thursday, March 13, 2025, a representative team from Aston Old Edwardians will honor their long-anticipated squash matches against an Italian side from Bolzano. These matches, initially scheduled to take place five years earlier, were unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic. The Italian team is captained by Matteo Tonietto, a former rugby player and the Youth Player of the Year for the 2018/19 season.

The Aston Old Edwardians team, composed of Paul Bradley, Jon Amarmo, Richard Hopkins, Jim Avery, and Neil Wilson, will embark on a scenic journey to Bolzano. Their route will take them through Frankfurt, Innsbruck, and across the majestic Alps. Upon arrival, they will compete at the Stadio Europa squash courts on the morning of Saturday, March 15.

About Bolzano

Bolzano, also known as Bozen in German, is a picturesque city in the South Tyrol province of northern Italy. Nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps, Bolzano is renowned for its stunning alpine scenery, rich cultural heritage, and historical significance. The city boasts a unique blend of Italian and Austrian influences, reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and bilingual population.

Stadio Europa Squash Courts

The Stadio Europa squash courts in Bolzano are a premier facility for squash enthusiasts. Located within a larger sports complex, these courts provide excellent amenities and a vibrant environment for both local and visiting players. The venue is well-regarded for its modern infrastructure and the enthusiastic local squash community, making it an ideal location for the much-anticipated matches between the Aston Old Edwardians and Matteo Tonietto's team.

This event promises not only competitive squash but also a celebration of sportsmanship and camaraderie, rekindling connections that were postponed but never forgotten.